There are so many amazing ministries in this world.  I am so thankful for these people who are loving other people in so many brilliant ways.  I wish I could support and help any ministry meant to help others.  But I am just one person.  Here are the ones that our family supports.

Heart Change.  A workshop styled ministry where participants can experience God and God’s love and learn how He really sees His beloved children.  Workshops are primarily in the Pacific Northwest, but expanding across the country every year.  If a workshop is happening near you, please do yourself a favor and drop everything to attend.  Our entire family has done the workshops and everyone I know know who has attended has loved it.

World Vision.  We chose to sponsor a child several years ago when I attended a Women of Faith conference.  God placed the information about a young boy from Bangladesh in my hands, and I fell in love with his smile and enthusiasm despite living in less than ideal conditions.  My youngest child, considers him as her actual brother and prays for him often.  Getting pictures and letters from him warms all our hearts.  Now that he is twelve he writes us himself, which is precious.

Compassion First.  A pastor from our church started this ministry when God really put upon his heart the need to help people who were being trafficked into the sex slave industry in the world.  This ministry works to rescue these beloved children, providing safety and long term after care (both physical and emotional).  In a life that must seem hopeless, Compassion First provides hope, love, and care.