Organize the Meals

I think next to my faith and my marriage, the thing I get asked to write about most is how I stay organized.  Organized with my household, my kids, our activities. Organized is a relative word. Honestly, I’m not that organized.  I think I’m surface organized. But we have a lot of people who really live in this house. And life is messy. Especially when all the kids are at home.  I am also a huge fan of something I heard Michelle Duggar say years ago. “If you want to see a clean house, we’ll need two weeks notice, but if you’d just like to see us, come on over.”  I think I need that on a sign in front of my house. Of course I have less than one third of the children she has, so maybe just give me 4-5 days notice for the clean house. But if you just want to see us, and don’t care about a mess, c’mon over. Continue reading “Organize the Meals”

Organize the Holiday Money (for kids)

For many, many years I was in charge of ALL the Christmas gifts in our family.  I painstakingly chose gifts for my husband, children, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, coaches, etc.  And while I didn’t really mind it, it was a lot of work. A lot. Keeping it all organized was a feat of spreadsheets and sticky notes.  But I realized that my children were missing out on the most beautiful, important part of Christmas presents. The actual choosing, anticipating, and giving. Continue reading “Organize the Holiday Money (for kids)”

Organize the Day

One of my favorite writer/speakers, Bo Stern, came to my church for a women’s event last month.  She challenged us to daily ask God five questions. I have paraphrased them here:

  1. “What is my primary purpose today?  What do You want me to do?
  2. “What things on my to-do list today might transcend heaven and earth?  What would they be excited about in heaven?
  3. “What do You need from me today?
  4. How can I “run hard at Jesus” today?
  5. What was my gift of Yes today?  What was my scary, beautiful Yes today?

Continue reading “Organize the Day”