The Naughty Stocking

First let me start by saying if you are my offspring, or a friend of said offspring, while I love you all and so appreciate your support of my blog, please do yourselves a favor and STOP READING right here.  Save your eyes from the words, your minds from the visions. Just know that there are certain things that husbands and wives, mommies and daddies, do to keep things fun and interesting in their marriages. And I’d like us to be able to look each other in the face over breakfast. Continue reading “The Naughty Stocking”

Tree Farm

This is us at the Christmas Tree farm.  We really did try to take a nice picture.  Well at least one of us did.  I am showing these in black and white because they actually look better this way.  I think maybe it shows the contrast, and looks a little less blurry.  Clearly, I am going to have to work on my photography skills.  And clearly my family is going to have to work on standing still.  (In their defense there were three “farm dogs” running around that kept grabbing their attention.) But again I am choosing to use them.  Here.  Publicly.  Imperfect and unmastered.  Blurry.  Like life sometimes.  This is us.  Sometimes we are all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time, and sometimes only part of us are. Continue reading “Tree Farm”

Leaving Home

We had the new and unfamiliar experience this fall of sending two children off to college.  That is half the children that usually live in our home. Out the door and off to college.

I will say we are lucky that our kids chose to stay in state, and while at different colleges they are living in the same city just over two hours away. This gives my mama heart peace. Knowing they can help each other out if needed. It could have been so much more difficult. My heart aches for the parents who have to kiss their kids goodbye before sending them on an airplane across the country.   Continue reading “Leaving Home”