When All You Can Do Is Trust

It’s a curious thing, adoption.  Even open adoption. Because as the biological parent, you must walk away trusting that the people you’ve chosen to be your child’s parents are the best.  You read their letters, look at their pictures, possibly interview them (I didn’t have time – you can read about that here), and then walk away hoping they will be who you think they are and do the things you think they’ll do.  Continue reading “When All You Can Do Is Trust”

Adoption Overview

My oldest daughter, Zoe, was adopted twenty nine years ago.  There is a lot to our story. Much too much for one blog post.  Maybe even too much for a dozen blog posts. So I’ve been trying to decide how to divide it up.  I will tell you that it is good. It is all good. The best really. But there are a lot of feelings associated with adoption.  And I’d like to explore our feelings, Zoe’s and mine. Continue reading “Adoption Overview”