Christmas Tree Sleepovers

A few of my friends do this too, so it isn’t necessarily original, but sleeping by the Christmas tree is a time honored tradition in our home.  This year was the seventeenth year.  

We used to do our Christmas Tree Sleepover the night after decorating the tree.  Now we do it when it fits best in our schedules, and sometimes more than once a season.  Because you really can’t have too many sleepovers by the tree. Continue reading “Christmas Tree Sleepovers”

7 for Thanksgiving

This year we made Thanksgiving easy.  Really easy.  Thanksgiving weekend is always busy for our family.  Kids come home from college, sometimes with friends in tow. There’s the Turkey Bowl in the morning (a football game my “boys” play in every year), the actual Thanksgiving meal, Black Friday Shopping, the Civil War football game, and our Annual Wreath Party/Open House.  I love every bit of it. Every single bit. But it is a lot of work. And sometimes I have to remind myself how much I love it when I’m up to my eyeballs in my to-do list. So I decided to do it different this year.  And make it easier.

Continue reading “7 for Thanksgiving”