Mother’s Day: A Letter To My Children

To all my children,

On this Mother’s Day as I get to enjoy being extra celebrated, I feel like I should be celebrating all of you.  I want to sincerely thank each of you for truly bringing out the best in me, for giving me life, and purpose. For teaching me what God’s unconditional love looks and feels like, and for teaching me what patience and forgiving seven times seventy looks like.  (And then how to do it all over again the next day and the next.) Continue reading “Mother’s Day: A Letter To My Children”

Seashells and Butter Knives

On this day twenty-five years ago, we got engaged.  In a tiny, little beach cabin, with the wind blowing outside and the Oregon rain falling on the windows, we sat eating dessert by candlelight.  The calm after the storm. My husband-to-be took a deep breath and pointed to a small seashell strategically placed next to the candles. “Your ‘real dessert’ is in that shell.” Continue reading “Seashells and Butter Knives”