The Naughty Stocking 2

Christmas Eve is just over a week away and that means it’s time to start thinking about one of our favorite traditions of the season.  Because once the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and the children are nestled all snug in their beds, my husband and I like to sneak away and find our Naughty Stocking.

Again, I’d like to give a public service warning to my children, their significant others, their friends, my nieces, uncles, and anybody else that might find this post “yucky.”  STOP now! Do not read any further! Go read the post about baking cookies or finding a Christmas tree. Let’s all be able to look at each other over our cocoa mugs on Christmas morning, okay.  Okay.

Because the Naughty Stocking.  Just an entirely different kind of excitement in the middle of the hustle.  The bustle. The decorating. The buying. The wrapping. The baking. The parties.  The advent candles and countdowns. All of that is amazing. And I love it. But it also often has us going in different directions.  So we need a moment to connect. As a couple. And have fun. Alone.  

You can read the Naughty Stocking post from last year to get a little history about how it came to be a part of our Christmas traditions.  

This year is my turn to fill it.  I won’t give away all the contents so my husband has a few surprises, but I will share a few of the less naughty, Naughty Stocking items.  

I have forever wanted to be one of those cute couples that shares one pair of pajamas.  You know what I’m talking about, right? The delightfully romantic movie where the couple she wears the top and he wears the bottoms of one pair of jammies.  They’re snuggled up in front of a big fireplace, snow is falling outside the windows. Maybe it’s a bit cheesy. And silly. But I love it. And I’ve always pictured us in a cabin in the snowy woods, sipping steaming mugs of “naughty drinks” in front of a roaring fire, sharing one pair of pajamas.  But after 25 years of marriage that hasn’t happened yet. And while I still hope it does someday, I didn’t want to wait any longer for the shared pajamas.  

So in this year’s Naughty Stocking there is one pair of super soft, organic, Christmas jammies to share.  Some sexy, lacy panties, a super yummy, flirty aphrodisiac infused candle and matching massage lotion, and a few other items I’ll keep as a secret.  

I’m counting down to Christmas for many reasons, but one of them is definitely the Naughty Stocking. 

“Relish life with the spouse you love,
Each and every day of your precarious life,
Each day is God’s gift”  ~Ecclesiastes 9:9

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