“Warm Showers”

I was recently talking with my girls about the things that stand out from their childhood.  And specifically things that I did that made each of their childhoods memorable. 

Because people ask me all the time about what we do in our house on a day-to-day basis.  And what I do as a mom to make my kids feel special.  

One of the first things to come to mind – the tents I used to make for them  on cold winter mornings. A tent built over a heat register so they could get dressed for school in a warm spot.  

I’m not sure when the name came about or who it was that came up with it.  But somewhere along the line it became known as a “warm shower.” No water was involved, just warm air.  But they came to look forward to a warm shower each morning. Well as much as anyone can look forward to an event that eventually leads to school.  

I haven’t done it in a few years.  They have decided they want to take actual warm water showers at this point in life.  But, I built one for Lola in order to get some pictures, because it wasn’t something I had taken pictures of in the past.  And I got to take a walk down memory lane. Back when their entire bodies fit in the tent. Without feet sticking out. Lola didn’t get this special treatment as much as her older siblings.  Being the youngest she always wanted to do exactly what her older siblings were doing. They outgrew warm showers by middle school which was roughly the same time she started kindergarten.  

They were so easy to build.  Taking maybe a minute to create.  I would just drape a blanket over the edge of the bed and a chair, or desk, or dresser creating a small fort made plump with the warm air flowing in from the heater vent.  

I would put the stack of clothes chosen the night before inside the tent.  And they would climb inside to get dressed. Warm. And cozy. 

I think experts might say that they should be responsible for waking up on their own.  Getting warm on their own. But they are only little for such a small amount of time. Letting them feel special, creating memories and a special bond between us.  I’ll take that over doing it the way the experts suggest any day. Life. Unmastered. And memories forever.  

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