Organizing Easter: Part Two

I was asked to tell about Easter celebrations in the Mastrantonio house, and to include a list of what I’m putting in baskets this year so that others can get some ideas.  In Part One I told about Easter dinner, Easter eggs, and organizing egg hunts. You can read about it (here).  In Part Two I’ll list what is in the baskets this year.

In our house the kids always wake to find a basket filled with treats and gifts waiting on the hearth. I know in some families the kids wake to find a basket filled with candy. In my family growing up that is how it worked.  We woke up and searched for an overstuffed basket of candy hidden somewhere in the house. I’ve even heard of some families leaving clues to find baskets.  Or even tying a string to one end of the basket and then winding it around the house and ending on the child’s bedpost so that they have to follow the string to the basket.  But for me I love an excuse to give gifts.  And what better excuse than the celebration of our risen King?! So I’ve always put together a basket of gifts separate from the candy filled eggs the kids have searched for.  


This year the baskets include (keep in mind these are for “kids” aged 11-21):

  • flavored popcorn (sea salt, cheddar, sweet and salty)
  • chocolate covered pretzels
  • chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • trail mix
  • homemade Chex Mix (recipe here)
  • toothbrush
  • gift card to coffee shop
  • sticky notes
  • gum
  • goggles
  • face masks
  • candle

**for the guys I substituted beef jerky and hot sauce for the candle and face masks

**and for the college students I also included:

  • laundry detergent capsules
  • gummy vitamins
  • energy drink mix

I put all the college kids treats in a bucket that doubles as a cooler – perfect for keeping a couple beverages cool while taking a study break in the sun.  

I put the treats for my girls still at home in fun mesh bags that they can use as pool bags this summer to hold towels, sunnies, goggles, and sunscreen.

And finally I made a little basket for my “grand” kitten Fenty (you can read about her here) filled with toys and kitty snacks.  I even found a paper bag infused with catnip for her.  What could be better?  That’s going to be fun to watch.


We remember that Jesus is the reason for this season too.  We always remember.  But it’s fun to give great gifts and create new memories too.  Even when it’s messy and fragmented and people are eating fried chicken in two different cities.
“They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.”  ~Luke 24:2-3

He is risen!!

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