When Patience Means Perseverance

A lot of people recognize 1 Corinthians 13:4 “Love is patient, love is kind…” because it is included in many marriage vows and sermons about love and marriage. But I just recently read the translation of the same verse in The Message.

“Love never gives up, love cares more for others than for self”  

There is such a richness in those words. Patience meaning never, not ever, giving up.  I had always considered patience to be like the dictionary definition. Tolerant, calm, slow, composed, able to wait. And patience is those things.  But it is also more. Patience looks like not giving up. Not giving up on the other person. Not giving up on yourself. Not giving up on the relationship. Not giving up on love. Not giving up on what God is doing.  Not giving up that God is, and will always, work it all out. This patience does not abandon hope. But sticks with it. This patience sounds like perseverance.  

It is such an important part of our relationships to remember that love never gives up.  God, who is Love, never gives up on anyone. And as His children, and living like Him, we want to persevere and never give up, and love.  Always. Even when it’s hard. Even when it’s messy. Even when it’s one sided. Love. Amplified. Unmastered. Love.

2 Peter, Chapter 3, reminds us that the Lord’s patience means salvation.  “And count the patience of our Lord as salvation” ~2 Peter 3:15

I am so thankful that He never lost His patience with me, never gave up. Pursued me, and wooed me, and continues to be patient and pursuing of my heart.  Never giving up on me. And asking me never to give up on loving others. Taking care of myself (you can read about caring for others and self here) so that I can persevere in love. Become love. Amplified.


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