of Comfort and Joy

JOY.  Jesus.  Others. Yourself.  

This week we get to light the third candle.  The pink candle. The JOY candle. I love the joy candle.   

Jesus.  Reading Luke 2:8-20, we are reminded that when the shepherds heard of Jesus’ birth, they ran to the stable.  They ran hard toward Jesus. Toward their Savior. The One who had come to save them. And I want to remember to run hard toward Jesus today and every day.  Not take a gingerly stroll, never in the opposite direction, but actually run hard toward Him.

Others.  The kids are all home from college, and we have everyone under one roof again. That in and of itself makes my heart want to burst. We can gather around the living room tonight. Together. We can talk about the Good News of Jesus and remind ourselves what His birth means and what He has done for us.  And we can snuggle close, and linger, and stay.

Yourself.  Myself. I can allow myself to get quiet. And think about how I have been changed. How my life has changed.  Because of the birth of One tiny baby over two thousand years ago. And I can find the joy in all my unmastered places being sculpted by The Master.  The baby. The One who changed everything. For the world. And for me.

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