A Thrill of Hope

. . . the weary world rejoices

~song lyric, “O Holy Night”

Advent 2018 has begun, and we gather in our home, sitting around the advent wreath and candles.  Waiting. Waiting for Him. Weary and waiting. Hoping. Expecting.

In hoping we wait, we watch, we expect something good to happen.  He expect Him. Just as the world waited hundreds and hundreds of years ago for a Messiah, we too wait for His return. We wait with wonder and expectation. And we celebrate that first arrival.

Advent is such a precious time.  A slowing of our wearying lives. Remembering what is important.  What is a our true gift. It is togetherness. Huddled around the light glowing tall on top a candle.  We slow. We wait. We listen. We hope.

In our family this means gathering together, lighting the candle, and listening as one of us reads from Ann Voskamp’s beautiful book, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift.  Then adding the ornaments to each of our Jesse trees. Talking. Laughing. Remembering. And always hoping for what is to come.



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